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Energy metering Multifunction Power Meter with pulse output

Release Date:[2016-01-15]     Browse:1293
Multifunction Power Meter provides bidirectional active and reactive energy metering bidirectional, 2-way power pulse output and RS485 digital interface to complete energy data and remote display. Open collector optocoupler relay power pulse to achieve active power and reactive power of the remote, can be remote computer terminal, PLC, the total number of pulses DI switch collection module to achieve cumulative energy metering. Multifunction Power Meter output is used by way of precision test of electrical energy (national metrological regulation: the standard table pulse error comparison method).
      (1) Electrical characteristics: Pulse acquisition interface circuit VCC≤48V, Iz≤50mA.
      (2) Pulse constant: 3600imp / kWh, its meaning is: when the meter when the cumulative number of pulses output 1kWh 3600, should be emphasized that 1kWh electricity for the second measured energy data, in the case of PT, CT, relatively The 3600 pulse data corresponding to primary measured electric energy is 1kWh × voltage transformation ratio PT × current transformation ratio CT.
      (3) Application example: PLC terminal using the pulse counting device, assuming that the acquisition is in the long period of time t into N number of pulses, the instrument input: 10kV / 100V, 400A / 5A, the energy accumulation period instruments It is: N / 3600 × 100 × 80 degrees power.
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